TR-01 Rotary Engine Compression Tester

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Instructions for Use

****Disclaimer: TwistedRotors cannot be held responsible or liable for damages caused to yourself or your vehicle by following these directions or by using the TR-01 Rotary Engine Compression Tester. You should always consult your vehicles Factory Service Manual for accurate instructions on how to test your engines compression. The instructions below are not intended to be all inclusive, they are meant as an overview only.****

(1) Start the engine and allow it to warm up.
(2) Stop the engine.
(3) Disable the fuel and ignition systems. You should consult your vehicles Factory Service Manual for the correct procedure to do this.
(4) Remove both front and rear trailing spark plugs.

***WARNING*** The sensor module should be hand tightened only into the spark plug hole. Over tightening will damage the rubber O-ring and could damage the sensor module.

(5) Thread the sensor module into either the front or rear spark plug hole.
(6) Connect the TR-01 to the sensor module.
(7) Switch the TR-01 power switch to ON.
(8) Fully open the throttle and turn the engine over for at least 5 seconds.
(9) The TR-01 will display results in real-time and the final reading will be displayed on the screen until the power is switched off.

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